Therapy Approaches that Work for Men!

Are you looking for a therapist that understands men’s problems at a deep level? And, are you looking for a therapist that will encourage you to make changes? If your answers are “Yes” then Sean can help!

While it’s true that there are many similarities between the sexes, men have unique problems in their lives. In particular these differences show up in ways that men and women communicate with each other. Other areas of unique challenges for men include parenting, work, and dating.

“When men can view their partner’s upset and irritability through the lens of an OPPORTUNITY to understand and love even deeper, he will develop a passionate and magnificent relationship!”

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What to Expect from Therapy

You will have an opportunity to work with a therapist (Sean) with 13 yrs experience with developing specialized strategies to help thousands of men. Sean will sit down with you and help understand your unique challenges and goals for therapy. He will then develop a specialized plan to help you breakthrough your challenges and reach your goals.

Why Me (instead of another therapist)?

Because I promise to…

  1. hear you out without judgment and do my absolute best to understand you
  2. use the most effective tools to inspire you and keep your motivation high until you reach your goals for therapy
  3. use an evidence-based approach that is scientific and works
  4. learn and grow as a professional and as your therapist
  5. bring my passion to each and every session
  6. never give up and to keep working with you till you reach your goals!

Typical Questions about Working with Men

What type or problems do you help men with?

There are many problems that I have helped men with including sexual issues, work-related stress, parenting problems and dating. However, by far, my expertise lies in helping men better understand their partner’s so they can rekindle a more loving, trusting, intimate and passionate relationship.

How are men’s relationship problems different than women’s?

Of course, these are generalizations; however, there seems to be some obvious differences between the two sexes. One example is that men tend to be concrete problem-solvers which often leads to great frustration for the women in their lives. Men also tend to base their self-esteem (often solely) on their career success (although women have increasingly based their self-esteem on their careers also). Surprisingly, there is some research that tends to suggest that men may be more emotional than women. The important thing is for your therapist to understand your unique challenges and goals so therapy can be tailored to you.

Common Myths vs. Facts

Myth: Men and Women communicate differently

Fact: It’s more accurate to say that men and women focus on different things (e.g., men tend to be more singular-focus while women tend to focus on and be able to recall small, unique details. However, both men and women tend to communicate in similar ways.

Myth: Change takes a long time.

Fact: The fact is we change in an instant. The instant our thinking changes, our behavior and emotions change as well. The challenge is that there is often factors that makes us resist change.

Myth: “I’ve done therapy before and it didn’t work”

Fact: I have heard many of my past clients make statements like this. The truth is that much of therapy these days amounts to schmoozing behind closed doors with the occasional bit of advice. This may feel good in the short-term, but does very little in solving emotional problems. My evidenced-based approach is based on principles that massively increase the motivation and commitment of my clients. We will focus on your goals and do everything needed to achieve your goals, regardless of past results.

Myth: “I have felt better before, but I seem to feel upset again (or relapse)”

Fact: This is common and with some important strategies, I can teach you how to get positive results, long-term.

Myth: “I shouldn’t need to get therapy because I should be able to handle my problems on my own”

Fact: I used to believe this and know of many clients who have told me the same thing. The fact is that we rely on other to help us achieve our goals in many different areas (e.g., mechanics for our cars, coaches to teach us sports, and teachers to help us learn subjects). So why not use a therapist for our emotional goals?? The bottom-line is there are results you desire, and, with the right approach, you can achieve these goals.

Myth: Therapy is too expensive

Fact: This, of course, is a personal decision and only you know your financial situation. That said, there is a cost to not taking action and getting the guidance and coaching from a competent and experienced professional who can help you. Moreover, this recovery or improvement can happen much faster than you thought possible.