Who will be the First Person Who Notices When You Begin to Feel Better?

Depression Therapy

Are You Suffering from Depression, Hopelessness or feelings of Guilt or Worthlessness?

If you answered “yes” I certainly can empathize with your pain. Depression can feel so real and hopeless that it can be crippling. Furthermore, you are not alone: Millions of people suffer from depression each year. As a matter of fact, some experts have considered depression to be the “common cold” of mental health problems because of it’s prevalence.

Therapy Can Help

The great news is that if you are willing to do some work in therapy, using a systematic-evidence-based approach such as cognitive-behavioral therapy, you can recover from you depression, Long-term!

What to Expect from Depression Therapy

In cognitive-behavioral therapy, we look at how our disempowering and/or irrational beliefs or thoughts rob us of our ability to be happy. Therefore, a big focus in this type of therapy will be to focus on changing you beliefs and thoughts so they are more rational and empowering. Many people with depression tell them thoughts such as “I am not good enough” or “It is hopeless; it will never get better”. Thoughts like this rob us of our energy, passion and zest for life and can be debilitating.

Why Book a Session with us for depression therapy?

Sean has a long-term track record with helping thousands of men and women with depression. Some of the great results from this type of therapy include:

  • Feeling active again
  • Feeling happy and authentically smiling again
  • Enjoying the “moments” in your life again
  • Feeling like you are working towards your goals and feeling passionate again

If you have been struggling and aren’t sure what to do; or, if you have had therapy before that did Not seem to “stick”, you will find that Sean’s unique approach can bring about the results that you are looking for Long Term.

Are you ready to recover from Depression and feel how wonderful it feels to Feel Good?

Frequently asked questions about getting therapy for Depression:

What is *clinical depression?

Clinical depression is a common mental health problem that involves several symptoms, including: feeling depressed, sleep problems, lack of interest in activities that normally bring us pleasure, feelings of guilt or worthlessness, low energy and concentration. Sometimes suicidal thoughts accompany depression. It’s important to note that clinical depression is different than feeling depressed in that clinical depression is usually chronic and persistent for several weeks, months or even longer. It’s often a good idea to get a full assessment from a psychotherapist in order to determine if you are suffering from clinical depression.
*Note: that for simplicity sake, the words “clinical depression” and “depression” are both used interchangeably.

How does cognitive-behavioral (CBT) therapy help people recover from depression?

CBT is an evidence-base approach to helping people become aware of and challenge their irrational beliefs so they can begin to develop healthier beliefs so they can feel better and become more productive.

What is the root cause of depression?

Great question. While there are many theories on what causes depression, there are not definitive explanations of what causes depression. It is more than likely a combination of both genetic factors and learning from environment. That said, many experts believe that depression is mostly a result of unhealthy or irrational beliefs or thinking.

Do I have a “chemical imbalance” and is that causing my depression?

There is a plethora of evidence that seems to dispel the “chemical imbalance” theory for depression (Kirsch, 2009). Moreover, it has been many therapist’s experience  buy spotify listeners(in addition to many research studies) that a motivated client, using cognitive-behavioral therapy, can bring about a significant reduction or complete elimination of depression symptoms.

Counseling for Habits and Addictions

Are you suffering from a stubborn habit or addiction?

If you answered “yes”, you are like many other Americans who are dealing with habits and addictions. Whether it be problems with overeating, smoking, drinking, drug use, or gambling; habits such as these can negatively impact a person’s life. If these habits and addictions have negatively affected your life (in anyway) then getting help as soon as possible would be wise.

Therapy Can Help:

Seeing a therapist for habits and addictions can help clients develop a comprehensive treatment plan to get the habit or addiction under control. Many people have come to the conclusion that they have lost all control. The good news is that we never “lose control” and that working with a therapist like Sean Stiller, LCSW can help you feel in control again.

What to Expect from Counseling for Habits and Addictions:

While it’s often rational to decrease your compulsive or addictive behavior, the fact is that we often hold onto compulsive behavior because it feels good or brings about some advantage in our life. For example, why do people choose to overeat unhealthy foods? The answer is often simple: Because it tastes so darn good. Likewise, why do people often drink too much? Because it makes them feel good. Hence, therapy has to deal with this paradox of addictions: How do we reduce compulsive or addictive behaviors that are very rewarding? The answer to this question is motivation, motivation, and motivation! Moreover, if you’ve felt like you have “hit your bottom” and feel like you absolutely “need” to change then you are probably ready for change. Sean Stiller, LCSW will help you utilize your motivation and guide you in specific cognitive and behavioral strategies in order to help you get control over your compulsive behaviors!

Why Book a Session with us for habits and addiction therapy?

Sean Stiller LCSW, has over 13 years clinical experience with helping individuals solve their addiction problems. Utilizing a systematic approach and cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT) you too can find the freedom of being free from a stubborn habit or addiction! Here are some other added benefits from working with Sean in order to free yourself from a habit or addiction:

  • Learn ways to moderate or abstain from a particular habit—Long-term!
  • Find useful Alternative behaviors
  • Learn how to develop an environment more conducive to a happy and fulfilling life!
  • Learn the secrets to Willpower!

Counseling for Singles to Find Love

Are you Single and desiring to Find Love? Therapy Can Help!

What are those elusive skills and qualities that attracts potential partners? Why is it that even so-called “attractive” people sometimes have a hard time in the dating world while other less-attractive people find it easy to attract potential partners. These questions have perplexed many people in the dating world. If you’ve ever had difficulties in the dating world, you are not alone. It can be an awkward and confusing place for us all at any age.

Therapy Can Help

If you are single and desire to learn the secrets of dating and becoming a magnet to potential dating partners, then you are in the right place. Counseling for Singles will not only teach the secrets to finding love but help you condition these skills so it’s second nature.

What to Expect from Counseling for Singles to Find Love

We will first discuss your reasons for getting into the dating world. If you are like most, you want to learn dating skills so that you can attract the love of your life! That is a person who you can bond with and love for many many years.
Secondly, many people have the wrong ideas about what attracts others. Aside from physical appearance the fact is there are many non-physical traits that can make you irresistible to others without even trying. The first thing to expect from this type of counseling is an assessment of your beliefs about dating and being single. If you are like many, it’s our beliefs that hold us back. For instance, when I was a young man, I believed that women did Not care for sensitive men and wanted the prototypical “macho man”. Boy was I wrong. In recent surveys, women rate sensitivity as one of the most important traits. Much more than machismo! Also, you will learn the irresistible charm of unconditional self-acceptance and unconditional other-acceptance so you will shine where others have difficulty.

Why Book a Session with us for dating and finding love?

Sean has helped dozens of singles learn how to navigate and feel confident in the dating game. Most importantly, he has help his clients find the right person to start a long-term relationship with.

Frequently Asked Questions about Counseling for Singles to Find Love

“My problem is not dating and finding love, but keeping love. Can you help with this?”

Absolutely! As matter of fact, if you are not in a committed relationship, you have an awesome opportunity to really figure out what you are looking for. Therapy can help you understand, specifically, what you are looking for so you can find the love you deserve!

“I have difficulty getting the 2nd or 3rd date or I have a hard time feeling at ease while dating. Can you help me with this?”

Sure can! Remember, part of the reason you are feeling anxious or awkward are the disempowering or anxiety-provoking thoughts that you tell yourself while on a date. Once your mind-set has changed, you will naturally feel more at ease and be in a much better position to get the 2nd, 3rd date and many more!

“What are things that I should talk about on a date?”

Ah…This is a very common question. However, understand that what you say is much less important as how you show up! That is what is your emotional state when you are with a potential partner? Are you nervous or awkward or are you feeling relaxed, light-hearted and confident? Getting mindset right and your emotions right are much more important than and conversational advice.